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A history of service and solutions.

In the early 1970's when the cattle market - which had been the Hodges family's stock in trade for over a century - began to decline, the company refocused its efforts on investing in real estate. This led to the development of Hodges Warehouse and Logistics, providing superior Alabama third-party warehousing and logistics services for clients of all sizes across the Southeast. Over the last 30 years, the acquisition of more than 5 million square feet of real estate taught us many valuable lessons about finding the right space in the right place. Lessons that guide our real estate services today - and it's not just "location, location, location." The factors that make one place the right place vary not just from property to property, but with each individual buyers needs and desires.

As a privately owned family real estate company, helping you make the right choice is not a responsibility we take lightly, At Hodges Real Estate, we understand that magnitude of buying and selling your home, because we've been there, both as a company and as a family, with much at stake in the decisions we made.

And as a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) specialist we're able to help individual, corporate and government clients make and implement strategic logistics and warehousing decisions. With strategic locations in Montgomery, Dothan and Prattville, Alabama, our extensive experience in the logistics industry enables us to provide warehousing and distribution services that help improve your bottom line and eliminate a substantial part of your overhead.

Because of our experience working with countless industries, we have an in-depth understanding of what businesses in numerous industries need from their commercial space and logistics and warehousing. We understand the markets to help you find and sell a property and we can further help your business by providing logistics and warehouse solutions.